update | 28.5.2018

Serving a design culture...

IdeART is the house of creativity and years of experience in the fields of architecture, advertsing & promotion, visual communication, CGI and interior, industrial and graphic design, of architect Stavros Karamanlidis and his creative team of valued professionals.

Maintaining a demanding level of standards over the years, has brought IdeART at the peak realm of technological and creative developments. From the first broadcast quality 3D animation installment (Silicon Graphics) and Digital Image Processing in 1990, to today's spherical imaging services, complete post production department, 3D and animation render farm station, to the web and multimedia services and the numerous distinctions, honors and certifications.

Today IdeART at the zenith of its growth consists of a coordinated creative team with unique personality and passion for knowledge and development, coupled with the maturity of years of experience in design. With professional attention to the current and forthcoming international principles of functional and quality design, IdeART has brought creativity in a combination of art and know-how.

The network of IdeART associates has been shaped through time with highly demanding quality and technical standards along with proven reliability reputation, talent and ethics. Its a key component of IdeART's continuous development that supports the fulfilment of the goal to complete and deliver any creative project with consistency, from the drawing table to the final result.

Creative services:

  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Exhibition presense design
  • Product / industrial design
  • 3D modeling / animation & overall photo-realistic CGI
  • Graphic design :
    • Corporate ID
    • Printed material (brochures, leaflets etc)
    • Packaging
  • Interactive media design
    • Web design, development & hosting
    • Multimedia design & production
  • Post production / video editing (TV, corporate videos etc)
  • Advertising, promotion & media management / handling services
  • Photography
  • Spherical / 360° photography
  • Printing services
    • CTP
    • Heidelberg SpeedMaster 102 - 8color
    • Heidelberg SpeedMaster 102 - 4color
    • Digital offset printing - from a single copy to any quantity ...
    • Large format printing